Stadiums & Entertainment

Future POS has been placed in several large arenas/stadiums for good reason! The University of Dayton runs 66 POS terminals during the busy men's/women's basketball season as well as other special events. Also, The Sioux Falls Arena hosts basketball, hockey, soccer, as well as other sporting and marketing events utilizing 14 POS terminals and 8 handheld devices. Why did these locations choose Future POS?

  • Speed ... events that are this busy need a POS system that can handle a lot of transactions every hour.

  • Customized Screen Layouts allow the customer to design screens that suit them...why settle for a competitor that locks you in to fixed screen layouts?

  • Handhelds ... faster order entry, faster delivery time to the customers, accurate order taking....all accomplished with handheld devices.

  • Digital Displays showing the current menu pricing can be updated at any time and the changes are made effective immediately---saves time designing new menu boards and updating them!

  • Reliability ... With our SQL database, we give you the reliability and security of Microsoft's top-notch database

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