Future POS Enterprise

Future POS offers you the power to control multiple business locations from a single site with our Enterprise software. Future POS Enterprise gives you the capability to analyze and share resources for various businesses from a central location. Stores using Enterprise can share customer information, gift certificates, sale information, items, buttons, menus, and more.

Enterprise Highlights:

• Enterprise Wide Gift Certificates
With Enterprise, customers can use Gift Certificates at any of your locations! Customers will now be able to purchase gift certificates from one of your establishments and redeem them at any of your stores on Enterprise.

• Share the Customer Database
You can merge all of your customer information into one database so that you can view the data at the enterprise level instead of separately for each store.

• Share Updates
Enterprise will permit you to make modifications to your Future POS software, such as editing buttons or adding items, and then send them to all the stores in the enterprise at once so you don't have to spend valuable time updating each store on an individual basis.

• Reporting
Enterprise will also offer reporting on all the stores on the enterprise so you can view the information you want for all of your business needs. With Future POS Enterprise, you can generate reports on employee activity, sales, inventory, customers, and much more.

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