Future Fusion Point-of-Sale Software

Future Fusion is the latest version of Future POS Software. This new version of Future POS comes with some exciting new features such as Back Office Dashboards and customizable "Favorites" pages. The biggest change for the software though has been the move to Microsoft SQL.

Previously you had to decide between using a product that had lots of features but ran on a proprietary database, or a product that uses Microsoft SQL but has limited functionality. With the release of Future Fusion, restaurateurs will finally have the best of both worlds.

The move to SQL is just the beginning of bigger and better advancements for Future POS and our customers. We are all looking forward to working with our customers in order to make our great point-of-sale system even better!

The Dashboards and Favorites features will allow the point-of-sale users to access key information quickly depending on their needs. For example, a member of the wait staff can click to view their own "Favorites" page that can list pertinent information such as closing procedure link, payroll information, or daily special information. Managers and restaurant owners can use Favorites and Dashboards to view important information in real time such as top selling items and sales related information for the day. Everything about the Dashboards and Favorites can be customized to fit the particular user's needs.

The move to Microsoft SQL will have the biggest impact on Future POS Software. The goal of the development team at Future POS, Inc. was to take Future POS to the next level by combining all of the functionality of Future POS with a fast and reliable database in order to give users complete access to their data. Microsoft SQL is the industry standard therefore integration to third party applications is easier for the developers at Future POS, Inc. or outside developers.

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