Bars & Night Clubs

Repeat Round allows a bartender to ring in the prior round of drink with one keystroke---SPEED!

Drink Recipes show the bartender how to make a drink, type of glass to use, prep instructions, and more. Recipes can be printed or the item can be rung up right from within this recipe lookup! SPEED!

Beer Club is a marketing program that allows you to link up to 200 different items (beer, wine, desserts, apps, etc.) to a "club," and once all 200 items have been sold, the customer can receive a coupon, discount, or gift card. Great for building customer loyalty and repeat visits!

One Touch Check Recall is the ability to recall any open check with one keystroke. While other systems force you to use a "pickup check" key Future POS allows you to display the checks on the screen for faster check recall....why? SPEED!

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