Fast Foods & Quick Service

From the "with" or "without tomatoes", "rare" or "well done" -- our six column modifiers have all your options covered!

Your fast-paced environment demands efficient service. Our software rings five separate sales in five seconds.

Our service offers:

  • Integration into kitchen display systems (KDS) provides faster order fulfillment with viewing of order, while saving on costly supplies

  • Customizable Screens allows menus to be placed on the entire screen, saving button depressions and making order entry faster

  • Reporting for cashiers and management for shifts, day, week, month, etc.

  • Multiple Cash Drawers (up to 8) per terminal, allowing better controls for staff

  • Employee Timekeeping and scheduling allow tighter controls for your labor dollars

Video Display Units (VDUs), used primarily in quick service restaurants, allow food to be routed to a display instead of a kitchen printer, saving supplies and maintenance. Orders can be sorted and color-coded to make preparation easier for kitchen staff.

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